About the ABC Pivotal

You'll never wonder how far it is again!

  1. Here are the things that make this sight unique.

    It can be calibrated for young shooters, women, and men, as well as the speed shooters who are up there near 300 fps. It works equally well for all of them, as far as accuracy is concerned. The difference is the maximum distance that they can shoot "accurately"! The faster the bow the further your maximum accuracy -- from one pin. My 9 year old shoots water balloons out to 30 yards! A friend whose bow shoots 285 fps shoots the balloons as far away as 67 yards! And, they are both shooting everything in-between accurately. (Of course hunters need to practice to be as accurate as possible in order to take full advantage of this unique product!)

    You personally tailor the ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight's pin's movement to the speed of your bow so that your pin moves at the exact rate of your arrow drop, through the use of the sights' Speed Adjustment Plate. (An easy adjustment and all instructions are included.) What this means is that a good shooter will be able to hit 3" target dots throughout their effective shooting range. . .at unknown distances!  

  2. There is only one thing more important than distance ... Accuracy.

    Accuracy is the most important thing! I want to make it clear that I am not encouraging hunters to take long shots, in fact I recommend that they only take close, high percentage shots! What I am saying is this sight has the capacity (providing the shooter has the ability) to be extremely accurate at many different yardages, not just on close shots, but on straight down shots and long shots as well -- with only one pin! It is a unique sighting system and it has several advantages over other hunting sights. It is very accurate, it tunes to any bow, one pin works close and far, and you do not have to know the distance to your target to hit where you are aiming. Think of those advantages the next time you're sitting on your tree stand wondering "How far is it?" . . . Joe Gomes

    Just as the compound bow revolutionized archery through the use of wheels and cams, the ABC Pivotal Bowsight (the Pivotal Bowhunting Sight System) has revolutionized the tree stand sight. The ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight's mechanical advantage is its patented‘Pivotally Cammed Pin’, a second pivoting point that causes the sight pin to move and significantly increase your effective shooting range, with only one pin! The pin movement of an ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight allows shooters to be accurate from as close as right under their stand on out to at least 40 yards! And through proper adjustment, some shooters using fast set up (higher speed bows) will achieve 60 & 70 yards from a single pin! 

    Additionally, the revolutionary ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight Bracket provides a third pivoting point to complete the "system". This unique bracket overcomes a major pendulum deficiency by allowing the shooter to change his height (+) or (-) 12 feet from the height he or she originally sighted in at. The ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight Bracket also allows shooters to hunt on sloping terrain and to maintain the one pin accuracy they have come to depend on.

  3. Light Gathering Technology

    Low light conditions sometimes require additional light sources. The ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight Light Adapter Kit allows you to install a light to the site from the top or from the side. It makes use of today's Light Gathering technology allowing you to see your pin in the darkest of conditions.

    A commonly available light simply threads to the ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight's Light Adapter Kit (or we sell one) and mounts on your ABC Bowsight. Of course, you don't actually need a light for Light Gathering pins to work. However on overcast days or when visibility is poor a light becomes real handy. 

  4. Fixed Pin Adapter

    With All Pins In Place (above)  
    The ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight has 3 Fixed Pins (for ground shooting) and one Floating Pin.

    Sight with single floating Light Gathering pin for treestand shooting.

    Lights not included (optional).

    Light can be installed either on top or on the side of sight.

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    The ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight (the Pivotal Bowhunting Sight System) also comes with a removable Fixed Pin Plate and 3 fixed pins for ground level target, stalking or hill shooting. A simple slot/slip arrangement allows the Fixed Pin Plate to be removed or reattached in seconds, with no need to readjust the pins. 

    As you can see, the ABC-2000 Pivotal Bow Sight, through sound mechanical advancement, really does leave all other tree stand sights back at camp! 

    • A bowsight for all hunting conditions.
    • Tree stand accuracy out to 50-70 yards from a patented, cammed, speed adjustable pin
    • Tough construction (all metal) with light gathering pins (including the floating pin).
    • Patented close range stopping screw provides complete accuracy on close shots with all bow speeds
    • Bracket provides pinpoint accuracy from approximately 25 ft. stand height variations
    • Removable/adjustable fixed pins for target, stalking, or hilly conditions
    • Pivots on stainless steel ball bearing
    • Not a simple pendulum.
    • Provides complete accuracy from any bow speed
    • Protected by Patent #5347722
    • Risk Free!